Colleen & Bill

We chose Mar Vista for so many reasons. The view of the Pacific. Proximity to several of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. International airport only 45 minutes away. Then there is the quality of the development: paved roads and 24 hour security; active clubhouse and restaurant; accredited K thru 12 school at the development entrance. But it was the vision of a sustainable lifestyle and the developer’s support for off-the-grid living with solar panels and water recycling that let us know we need look no farther. Fruit bearing orchard trees are planted throughout Mar Vista and plans are well underway to create a farm on-site from which all can benefit. We knew we’d come home. We are building the custom home of our dreams, and can’t wait to move into our new neighborhood and be a part of creating a sustainable community.

Colleen & Bill
Ryan & Cyndi

Our decision to build a home in Mar Vista was largely based on both the beauty the land had to offer and the developers passion for building a fantastic community. From the beginning both Alejandro and Aaron made the process of building a home in a foreign country feel comfortable. They helped us figure out how to form a great team of professionals to help take our idea and successfully work through the construction process. The result is we couldn’t be happier! It has blown away our expectations. The level of detail and attention that was present the entire time help deliver an incredible home. Thank you

Ryan & Cyndi
We have finally found the perfect place to live here in Mar Vista

After 8 years of traveling the entire country and incurring substantial losses in a previous real estate transaction, we have finally found the perfect place to live here in Mar Vista. From its manicured entrance to our private lot teaming with wildlife, I can truly say there is nowhere on the planet I would rather be today than in my own home. We purchased our property, obtained permits, and with the help of the Mar Vista team, building has been fast and easy. We even came in ahead of schedule and under budget!

Today we run The Happier House and you can read about all of our trials, tribulations, losses, and successes in my best selling series entitled Happier Than A Billionaire. (link) Follow our daily adventures on Happier Than A Billionaire facebook, or my very popular blog of the same name http://www.Happierthanabillionaire.com

To anyone considering building their dream home within beautiful Mar Vista I would say “you are on the right track!”
Pura Vida!

Rob & Nadine
Retirement in Costa Rica is Better Than We Imagined

“I love that our life is so different than I ever thought it would be,” says Pokey Sherman, 65. “I grew up in Pittsburgh. And my parents retired to Florida. I thought, ‘Is that all there is?’ I think the idea of retirement should be to change your lifestyle.”

“It’s a real joy to wake up and come out here and realize what we’ve done,” she adds, referring to their fifth-floor balcony. Their condo is set on a hill overlooking a low-key beach town, verdant forest, the glittering Pacific, surfer-filled waves, and river to the north.

Pokey and her husband Bill are in Tamarindo, on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. After researching Mexico and Nicaragua as possible destinations over the years, including through International Living, the couple settled on this spot.

“It gave me the impression of a 60s California beach town with surf shops and the waves,” explains Bill, 63. “We both felt very comfortable. There are no high-rises on the beach. You just see trees.”

Long walks on the beach, which is about 10 minutes from their building, are a favorite activity. It’s something Bill says he’s never tired of in their two-and-a-half years in town. Pokey has an herb garden on the grounds of their condo. And although they eat at home most nights, they do like to go out occasionally to sample the huge variety of restaurants available in Tamarindo, a popular tourist destination.

They’re also avid snorkelers on nearby calmer beaches known for tropical fish. And they love to travel. They went to Scotland recently. Bocas del Toro, Panama’s Caribbean archipelago, is another favorite spot for the laidback island vibe. They also travel frequently to Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast just across the border—which is just two hours north—where their daughter and her family live. It’s about a five-hour drive with the border crossing to get to her home. They also have the option to take a small prop plane with a regional airline.

One thing the couple had to get used to is the humidity of the rainy season, from about May to November. There are days that compel them to turn on the air conditioner, otherwise they prefer to keep their windows open and the sea breeze flowing in. There’s also a pool at their building to cool off.

There have been other adjustments. Bill is gluten-free, and it took awhile to find the right foods. Luckily, a large grocery store in town does stock these and other imported items, albeit at a higher price because they’re subject to import taxes.

And although Bill is satisfied using the Caja, Costa Rica’s government-run healthcare system to get his prescriptions and checkups (free after they pay their monthly fee), he prefers to see private physicians for more serious matters as he feels they’re more efficient. Many expats mix and match private and public healthcare in Costa Rica like this.

Still, the couple is glad they made the move.

“This presented a new experience for us in retirement. We wanted a new adventure, new things to do, and new things to explore,” says Bill.

Jason Holland